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Sara Sommerfeldt Rising Gaze.jpeg

Managing Director
Story Development & Sensitivity Consulting

Luis Brandt.jpg

Project Management,
Fundraising & Crowdfunding Consultant & Speaker for Inclusion

Lisa Charlotte Friederich

Screenwriter - Sensitivity
Consultant for Gender, Sexism 
& Queerness 

Jan Kampmann.jpeg

Writer - Expert for
Ableism &

Susanne Kaiser

Expert for Sexism, 
Misogyny & authoritarian 

Angelina Hermann.jpeg

Associate Producer
Production Manager

Anas Alshouhif

Screenwriter / Associate Producer - Consultant for Refugee Experience & Anti-Islamic Racism

Barbara Fickert

for Blindness & 

Eva Diamantstein

Writer - Expert for 
German-Jewish history of the 
20th Century

Juan Ortiz Berlinale_edited.jpg

Screenwriter - Expert on
racism, migration &
postcolonial power relations


Production Assistance
Production Coordinator

Director_e Simon(e) Paetau_Foto por Ricardo Leon Jatem.jpeg

Filmmaker -
Expert for LatinX, LGBTQIA+,
White-Passing People of Color 

Leonard Grobien.jpg

Screenwriter - Expert
for Ableism
& Inclusion

Alyk Blue

Animation and Gaming Artist -
Consultant for LGBTQIA+ & 
anti-Asian Racism

Sun-Ju Choi_Sarah Eick _edited_edited.jpg

Screenwriter - 
Expert for Racism,
Sexism & Classism 

Christine Wartner_edited.jpg

Project Support

Sejad Ademaj

Screenwriter -
Expert on Sinti:zze & Rom:nja, Antiziganism & Migration

Christoph Gérard Stein

Sensitivity Consultant 
for Gender, Diversity 
& Queerness


Expert for Neurodivergence,
Ableism, Inclusion
& (trans)Feminism


Sensitivity Consultant 
for Chronic Diseases 
& Inclusion

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