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Education happens through entertainment media, even if unintended by the source and unnoticed by the audience.  Singhal & Rogers

Studies show that fictional films and series have an immense influence on society. However, their content is still determined by a small circle of privileged people. This leads to a one-sided perspective and the reproduction of prejudices and stereotypes. 


For RISING GAZE, authors and filmmakers from underrepresented communities have come together to enrich films and series with their diverse experiences and perspectives. Through storytelling, we want to create new role models, break viewing habits and actively do something against discriminatory stereotypes and prejudices. 


Are you also tired of being presented with the same stories and characters over and over again? Then become part of our community: share your thoughts with us on Instagram, subscribe to our newsletter, tell us what you think of our book recommendations or support us with a small monthly donation. It's difficult to fight for change alone. But together we are unstoppable!


WHY SHOULD I DONATE? According to the latest report by the European Audiovisual Observatory, only 26% of directors and 29% of screenwriters in European feature film productions are women. According to the MaLisa Foundation, just 0.4% of people who appear on TV have a visible disability - even though they make up 6% of the German population. And although 26% of the population has a history of migration, this only applies to 11% of people on screen. Queer and non-binary people are also significantly underrepresented at 2% and 0 - 0.5% respectively. Help us change these statistics and and support us in giving underrepresented groups a voice!


Unfortunately, RISING GAZE cannot issue donation receipts as we are not a registered association.

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