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[she/her] Sensitivity Consultant for D&I storytelling, sexism, trauma, #metoo, abuse of power, gender-based violence, anti-discriminatory production & awareness 

Sara Sommerfeldt has been working in the German theater and film industry for over twenty years. After graduating as an actress from the HMDK Stuttgart, she had numerous theater engagements, including at the Schauspielhaus Bochum and the Staatstheater Stuttgart. She has also appeared in front of the camera for countless film and television productions and successfully initiated and realized her own theater and music projects. Through her commitment to more diversity and against abuse of power in the cultural and media industry, she is in close contact with numerous organizations and associations. In 2021, she initiated the open letter "Rape myths from the moth box" with PQB, which led to a large media response throughout Germany. As part of the LIVE interview series, she talks to people from the cultural sector about gender equality, role models and future prospects and deals with legal issues relating to gender equality, anti-discrimination and abuse of power in the social media format ANRUF BEI DUNKEL RICHTER. As a sought-after expert on #metoo, she is a guest on podcasts, panels and interviews - including on ZDF and the Green Actors Lounge. Her many years of expertise on the topic of D&I storytelling, sexism, #metoo, abuse of power, gender-based violence and anti-discriminatory production are appreciated by film production companies, broadcasters and cultural institutions.

Sara Sommerfeldt

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