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[he/him] Screenwriter / Associate Producer  - Expert on refugee experience & anti-Islamic racism 


Anas Alshouhif is a Syrian filmmaker who has been living in Berlin since 2015. He graduated in directing and screenwriting from FilmArche and has since created a collection of short films that sensitively explore themes of isolation, fear, identity and oppression. His focus is on political and socio-critical issues, looking at them on a microcosmic level. He strives to portray and understand individuals in their contexts.

As a co-founder of La6izi Community, a Syrian artist collective, he actively advocates for the creation of representative spaces for marginalized voices. The community pursues its goal of raising awareness of social ills in a poignant way through public exhibitions, lectures, readings, concerts, film screenings, and performances. Since this year, he has also been a member of the short film jury at the Alfilm Festival, the Arab Film Festival in Berlin.


Anas speaks German, English and Arabic.

Anas Alshouhif

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