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[he/him] Writer - Expert for Ableism & Inclusion


Jan Kampmann studied journalism at JLU Giessen and completed his Master's degree in International Journalism at Birmingham City University. As part of his MA project, he focused on reporting on Paralympic sports during the 2012 Paralympics in London and also reported from there himself for ZDF - the following year, his work was recognized with the Paralympic Media Award. Since 2013, Jan has been working for ARD - currently at tagesschau in Hamburg - as a reporter and editor with a special eye on diversity issues. He has experience as a print, radio, online and TV journalist. Through his second career as an actor, Jan also knows the theater stage, the film set and script and format development up close and has co-developed and supervised several formats in fiction and non-fiction. Jan is a member of the AG Inklusion of the ProQuote network and an inclusion ambassador for Filmmakers.


He speaks German and English at a native level.

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