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[he/him] Expert on Ableism and Inclusion


Leonard Grobien was born in Bonn in 1998. He started shooting and editing films at the age of 13.  


After graduating from high school, he completed an internship at Deutsche Welle as well as with director Tina Kriwitz and on the set of Lars Kraume's series "Die neue Zeit". He also shot several short films, including "Glasknochen" (2017) and "Im Spiegel" (2018), based on the short story by Margret Steenfatt.


In spring 2019, he began studying screenwriting at Ifs Cologne, which he successfully completed in 2023. During his studies he realized other short films, for which he both wrote the scripts and directed: "Shut Up" (2021), "Special" (2022), as well as "Incogito".


Leonard is also active as an actor, including a lead role in the Hamburg Media School graduation film "What We Want." He is currently on stage in the play "The Many Voices of My Brother" at Schauspielhaus Wien.

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