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RISING GAZE is dedicated to developing innovative film, series and theater projects for the German and international markets, that depict the female* view of the world. Projects with strong, multi-layered female* characters, that deal with important contemporary issues, are our trademark. In this context, diversity is a great source of inspiration for us, as it opens up access to an untapped treasure of artistic potential waiting to be discovered. With inspiring female* main characters, that challenge common stereotypes, we aim to create new role models, break down unconscious prejudices, give a voice to underrepresented population groups and establish a contemporary gender and world view.


With it's unique team of experts, RISING GAZE also offers consultancy services and sensitivity reading to filmmakers, producers and companies from the cultural sector on the topic of gender, diversity and inclusion. In this context, we place particular emphasis on D&I storytelling, gender-equitable participation, the avoidance of abuse of power and discrimination, as well as a contemporary portrayal of FLINTA* and violence against FLINTA* on stage and screen. 

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