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You are developing a project and fear that it might contain discriminatory narratives? You want to portray something realistically and true to life that you don't know from your own experience? Do you want to make your company more gender equitable and diverse? Or create a safe, inclusive work atmosphere for your employees where they can develop their full potential? Then you've come to the right place. 


RISING GAZE offers people in the film and theater industry easy access to all important information about gender, diversity and inclusion - both in the company and in story development. Our experts provide first-hand advice on gender-responsive participation, prevention of abuse of power and discrimination and contemporary representation of gender and gender-based violence on stage and screen. We are looking forward to seeing you!

If required, RISING GAZE also accompanies complete productions from the first idea to the premiere and places experts as consultants or authors in your writers room or for your script development. We are looking forward to talking to you!

Christine Wartner.jpeg

Project Support

Barbara Fickert

Barbara Fickert

for Blindness
& Accessibility

Eva Diamantstein

Writer - Expert for
German-Jewish history
of the 20th Century


Expert for
Chronic Diseases 
& Inclusion

Lisa Charlotte Friederich

Lisa C. Friederich

Screenwriter - Expert
for Gender, Sexism
& Queerness

Sejad Ademaj

Sejad Ademaj

Screenwriter - Expert on
Sinti:zze & Rom:nja,
Antiziganism & Migration

Jan Kampmann.jpeg

Writer - Expert for
Ableism &

Sun-Ju Choi_Sarah Eick _edited_edited.jpg

Screenwriter - Expert
for Racism, Sexism
& Classism

Leonard Grobien.jpg

Screenwriter - Expert
for Ableism
& Inclusion

Susanne Kaiser

Dr. Susanne Kaiser

Expert for Sexism,
Misogyny & Authoritarian

Alyk Blue

Alyk Blue

Animation and Gaming Artist - Expert for LGBTQIA+ &
anti-asian Racism

Otana Thiede_edited.png

Screenwriter - Consultant for 
D&I Storytelling, Mental Health & DDR Socialization

Sara Sommerfeldt Rising Gaze.jpeg

Sara Sommerfeldt

Screenwriter - Consultant for D&I Storytelling, Sexism & Gender-Based Violence

Juan Ortiz Berlinale_edited.jpg

Screenwriter - Expert on racism, migration & postcolonial power relations

Director_e Simon(e) Paetau_Foto por Ricardo Leon Jatem.jpeg

Filmmaker - Expert for 
LatinX, LGBTQIA+, 
White-Passing People of Color 

Christoph Gérard Stein

Christoph G. Stein

Expert for
Gender, Diversity
& Queerness

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