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Susanne Kaiser


[she/her]  Writer - Expert on sexism, misogyny, authoritarian backlash, incels, fundamentalism, extremism, jihadism, right-wing terrorism

As a freelance author, Susanne Kaiser writes books, essays, reports and analyses about society - right now about threatened masculinity and the authoritarian backlash, among others for DIE ZEIT, Der Spiegel or Deutschlandfunk Kultur. Her book POLITISCHE MÄNNLICHKEIT. WIE INCELS, FUNDAMENTALISTEN UND AUTORITÄRE FÜR DAS PATRIARCHAT MOBILMACHEN published by Suhrkamp Verlag. For more than 15 years, she has studied power relations between men and women in Muslim and in Western societies, and more recently, especially emerging phenomena such as organized misogyny and sexism. She is interested in what this has to do with role attributions, how ideals of masculinity and femininity are constructed and enforced, and how women are repeatedly relegated to a subordinate place in the social hierarchy - in which our media culture plays a major role.


As a journalist, she has primarily conducted research on the fringes of society, in marginalized areas and on extremist movements such as jihadists or right-wing terrorists. She has advised members of the Bundestag on these topics.

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