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[they/them] Expert on gender-sensitive language related to neurodivergence

Fluff is queer, polyamorous and non-binary autist, studies Indology, Tibetology and Mongolian Studies at the University of Leipzig and therefore deals a lot with languages. Besides its studies it is self-employed and gives workshops and lectures all over Germany on the topics of awareness, Ableism and queer life. It also offers sensitivity reading and sensitivity consulting, from non-fiction to novels, and works with small publishers as well as well-known houses like rowohlt. 


Fluff also runs a blog and Instagram page under the name Minzgespinst, where, in addition to awareness and education work on gender-sensitive language, it also reports on everyday situations, such as experiences of discrimination as an autistic trans person and life as an independent but care-dependent person. Here, its intersectional experiences also plays a role, as Fluff is both neurodivergent and queer.

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