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"Education happens through entertainment media, even if unintended by the source and unnoticed by the audience"
Singhal & Rogers



Studies show, that fictional films and series have an immense influence on our society. However, their content is still determined by a small circle of privileged people. To initiate social change, we need to change the stories we tell ourselves.


For RISING GAZE, writers and filmmakers from all underrepresented communities have come together to enrich films, series and theater plays with their diverse experiences and perspectives. Like this, we use storytelling to break down unconscious prejudices, create new role models and a contemporary gender and world view.


Are you tired of being fed off with the same stories and characters over and over again? Then help us make the most feminist, diverse and inclusive films Germany has ever seen. It's difficult to fight for change alone. But together we are unstoppable!

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