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[he/him] Expert on racism & classism

David Bentigui grew up between Austria, France and the Ivory Coast. He has been a volunteer for over 10 years with the Black Women's Community in Vienna, a women's and girls' counseling association that provides empowerment for Black children, teenagers and their families. From this involvement, David draws on his vast knowledge of racism, sexism, and other forms of discrimination.

After years of directing, producing, and conceptualizing for commercials and music videos, David transitioned to fictional film, working as a production assistant for MR Film in Vienna and as a production manager for a short film series by German director Hüseyin Tabak. In 2021, he co-wrote a 90-minute biopic in French with Lanciné Diaby. In 2022, he was accepted into the mentoring program of the Drehbuchwerkstatt at the HFF Munich, where he developed his first German feature film script under his mentor Lucas Schmidt. In the same year, he co-wrote two series projects in Concept Writer's Rooms - a book adaptation by UFA Fiction in Berlin and a project by Geyrhalter Films in Vienna. He is currently working on a French-language series project in Ivory Coast and a Romantic Comedy. David lives and works in Berlin and Vienna.


He speaks German, English and French at a native level.


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