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[she/her] Expert on anti-Asian sexism and anti-Asian racism.


Ariana Gansuh was born in Mongolia and immigrated with her family to Berlin in 1998, where she grew up. She studied acting at the Filmschauspielschule Berlin until 2011 and works internationally as an actress and screenwriter. She has been a member of the Diversity AG of Hessenfilm und Medien since 2021.


In 2012, she created her first short film project "Speed and Standstill", for which she wrote the screenplay and directed. Since then, she has been constantly educating herself as a writer. She completed her screenplay for her feature-length film "Leben danach," which was funded by Club 23 Hessenfilm und Medien, in 2023 under the dramaturgical supervision of Roland Zag. Her series "ESCORTS" was selected for PitchLab by Hessischer Rundfunk in 2023. Currently, Ariana is in post-production of her short film "Father", for which she received an HKST project grant and was supported with a production grant from Hessenfilm und Medien. Ariana lives in Frankfurt am Main.


Her native languages are German and Mongolian.

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